Quelle taille de lacets ?



 2 easy ways :

1 - Count the total number of eyelets / holes on your shoe
(Cautious : count on the whole shoe, and not on one side only.)
Then find the lenght of laces that matches your shoe in the product sheet.
See example below :
Taille, longueur de lacets de chaussures

(The width of every shoelaces can be found on the product sheet)

Or :
2 - Easy and safe, measure your own laces to be sure about the length that you need.
(Shoelaces lenghts may vary depending on the different models of shoes, the interval between eyelets/holes, the width of your shoe).




Important ! The lenghts of the laces below are indicative and may vary depending on the models, brands, and width of the shoes.

14 different lenghts are available for the majority of models of shoelaces :

55 cm : 4 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=2 eyelets per shoe side

70 cm : 6 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=3 eyelets per shoe side

85 cm : 8 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=4 eyelets per shoe side

100 cm : 10 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=5 eyelets per shoe side

115 cm : 12 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=6 eyelets per shoe side

130 cm : 14 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=7 eyelets per shoe side

145 cm : 16 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=8 eyelets per shoe side

160 cm : 18 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=9 eyelets per shoe side

175 cm : 20 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=10 eyelets per shoe side

190 cm : 22 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=11 eyelets per shoe side

205 cm : 24 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=12 eyelets per shoe side

220 cm : 26 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=13 eyelets per shoe side

235 cm : 28 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=14 eyelets per shoe side

250 cm : 30 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=15 eyelets per shoe side

Need a little adjustment ?

80 cm instead of 85 cm or 105 cm instead of 100 cm for example ?

Tell us what lenght you need in the massage tab, or by e-mail, and we will gladly adjust your shoelaces, if your order and your shoelaces are suitable.

Need very very long shoelaces ?

For your high-cut shoes (rangers, thigh boots...), the lenghts we would recommend are :

400 cm : 60 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=30 eyelets per shoe side

350 cm : 52 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=26 eyelets per shoe side

300 cm : 40 eyelets (holes) per whole shoe=20 eyelets per shoe side

Don't hesitate to contact us !