We ship worldwide


1- France & Dom-Tom deliveries

2- Europe & Worldwide deliveries

3- Shipment options

4- Manufacture et shipment delays

5- Shipment tracking

6- Delivery issues


 1- France, Corse, and Dom-Tom deliveries :

Livraison offerte lacetsfun

 Tracked deliveries are 2.50 € (free deliveries for orders above 12€) 

Tracked + prioritised deliveries are 3.00 € (free deliveries for orders above 20€)


 2- Europe and international deliveries :

We ship worldwide.

Livraison internationale offerte et gratuite lacetsfun

Tracked + prioritised deliveries are 4.90€ (free deliveries for orders above 20€) 



 3- Shipment options :

Our national deliveries are by :

Ecopli Suivi


or Lettre Suivie Prioritaire.


Our international shipments are by Postexport Suivi Prioritaire.

Envoi prioritaire et suivi International par Lacetsfun

 Our envelopes contain 1 postage + 1 barcode sticker that allows internet tracking, from the shipment to the delivery. 

As soon as your order is shipped  you will get an e-mail with your tracking number.

Your shipment is scanned, once shipped, by the post office, and by the postman, once delivered, to your mail box.

We don't send ordinary shipments (untrackable) in order to minimise every risks of robbery or loss.

You don't have to sign a receipt once you receive your package, the postman will simply put it in your mail box.



4- Delays :

Manufacture delays
We manufacture the majority of your shoelaces upon order (except for the silicon shoelaces)
Manufacture + expedition delays are between 1 to 4 days depending on our current workload.


Delivery delays
Delivery delays for orders to France and Corse indicated by the french post office are 4 days by Ecopli Suivi and 24 to 48 hours by Lettre suivie.
International delivery delays are 4 to 8 days, depending on the selected country.

These delays are indicative and don't constitue a strict deadline.
For every shipments, LacetsFun is not responsible in case of delivery lateness, or package loss.
Extended delays don't give the right to claim for damages and interests.

(Delays indicated exlude holidays and exceptional events) 

After a legal 14 days delay after the reception of your order, it will be declared as conform, and can't be returned.



  •   5- Shipment tracking :

Get your tracking number (sent by e-mail).

Click here  to track your shipment.



 6- Delivery issues :

 - Unreceived package but declared as delivered :
It can happen that your order is declared as delivered, in your tracking device, but you didn't receive it.
Before jumping into conclusions, wait for another day, and check again your mail box.
If it's still missing, check with your postman, and neighbours, as it's possible that your package is in another mail box.
If you still can't find it, contact us as we will ask our post office, and eventually file a complaint.
We will ask you to file and sign a form, attesting the non-reception of your package, that will be sent to the post office.


- Undelivered order and returned to LacetsFun : 
A/ The delivery adress or recipient's informations are exact :
 The Post made a mistake, and we will send you back your order as it is, without modifications, with the original tracking number, and confirm your delivery informations.


B/ The delivery adress or recipient's informations are wrong :
We have to send you back your order, repack it and franck it again.
LacetsFun is not responsible for your mistakes and won't bear the costs of shipment.

1- If you want us to send you back your order, please tell us your correct adress and/or correct recipient's informations, and pay the delivery costs (FRANCE  or INTERNATIONAL).
(the first delivery costs have been used for the first order, we have to get a second postage)

2- In case of refusal, we will pay you back your order minus the delivery costs.
(Postage has been paid by us, or you, depending on the amount of your order, and has been used by the post office for the first delivery).