1- Return Conditions

2- Return procedures

3- Partial return

4- Refund

5- Products refusal

6- Exchange conditions

7- Exchange procedures


 1- Conditions
The customer can return one or more products, in their original condition and under 14 days following the reception of their package (law Hamon-June 2014 : the 14 days delay starts the day following the reception of the package, the date provided by the post website being used as proof / if the delay expires on a saturday, sunday, or holiday, it will be extended for one more day).
At the end of this delay, the delivered products will be declared as conform and accepted by the buyer.
The return costs are the responsibility of the customer.
2- Procedures
For any return or any request for a refund, please let us know by e-mail,  with civility and politeness, before you return our products.
Your e-mail address or your return shall be sent with the withdrawal form (law Hamon), duly completed and signed.
We will not process your return if we have not been informed, or if your return is not sent with the required form.
* Let us avoid unnecessary shipments :
-If you need to check the colors and aesthetic rendering, you can ask us for additional photos, before ordering.
-If you need to check your shoelaces lenght, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (06 18 87 66 65) or by e-mail (, before ordering.
3- Partial return
If you have received free delivery and the value of the products you keep do not justify this gratuity, our shipping costs will be deducted from your refund.
If not, we will deduct the shipping costs in proportion to what you have kept, knowing that these costs have already been used for your shipment.
4- Refund
The refund of your return is made within 14 days, following the return of your goods, which we will acknowledge you by e-mail.
The Hamon law states that we are not required to refund the additional and prioritised shipping costs, also the refund will be based on the cost of standard delivery (ecopli).
Your refund will be through the same method of payment used when placing the order : CB, Paypal, check, bank transfer.
We will refuse the return and refund in case of clear abuse.
We will not refund the shoelaces manufactured in a specific size following your request.
5- Products refusal
LacetsFun keeps the right to refuse the product(s) returned : every articles previously worn, used, damaged, stained or manufactured in a specific size will be refused.
We will refuse returns in case of clear abuse.
6- Terms and conditions
Exchanges will only be made with products of the same size and/or same value.
If not, please go for a return as indicated in the part 2.
7- Procedures
For any return for exchange, please inform us by e-mail, or on paper with your desired models and lenghts.
We will ship your exchange following the reception of your return and send you, your new tracking number.