1 pair x white elastic spring shoelaces


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White elastic spring shoelaces

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Knot free White elastic spring shoelaces

Exist in 20 different colorways !

No need to tie your laces anymore !
Enjoy simply having to put on and take off your shoes as freely and easily as it can be

For who ?
Practical for babies, young children, disabled people, athletes, hikers... and everyone who doesn't like tying their shoes endlessly

For which shoes ?
Very suitable for your sport shoes, or simply for your everyday shoes
Which size ?
For every shoes that have between 6 to 14 eyelets (3 to 7/side)
Lenght : unstretched approximately 10/11 cm and can be stretched up to 100 cm !
How ?
1- Put your shoes on, without the laces
2 - Put your foot flat
3 - Put the spring lace in the two bottom eyelets
lacets ressorts, tortillons, sans noeuds, magiques, faciles pour enfants et personnes dys
4 - Even the two sides
5 - Tie the lace to the top, as a regular lace, and as you like your laces to be (tight, loose...) 
- Make sure you "untwist" your laces as you first tie them so your feet feel as confortable as they can 
- You need to tie the laces eyelet after eyelet, and it's not necessary to pull too hard
6 - Tie the second lace
7 - Done ! Everything is in place !

Taking off your shoes ?
From now on, you can take off your shoes easily as your laces are elastic and can be stretched 

Putting on your shoes ?
1 - When you put your shoes on, just spread the top of the shoes so you can put your feet in
2 - Then, firmly pull the laces to tighten the top of the shoes
3 - Done !
Lacets de chaussures élastiques ressorts enfants adultes dys sans noeuds magiques faciles
IMPORTANT : You don' t have to pull too hard when pulling the laces, a soft little yank is enough
If your shoe doesn't fit your foot, you need to adjust your lacing, eyelet after eyelet

Fabric : latex and polyester

Washable up to 30° in the washing machine, or by hand

Packed in clear closed polybag


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1 pair x white elastic spring shoelaces

1 pair x white elastic spring shoelaces

White elastic spring shoelaces